Booking conditions

  • All bookings will be considered firm and definite on receipt of a written confirmation (mail, fax, letter) together with the bank card number or cheque deposit.
  • The booking is made by category of room. In no way can the room number be considered as a booking.
  • The rooms are available from 3pm and must be freed for 12am at the latest on departure day.
  • With copious buffet breakfasts, the half board offers a three course evening dinner.
  • For any arrival after 7pm, the client must warn the hotel – telephone +33 (0) 3 51 25 25 25.

Cancellation conditions

In case of partial or total cancellation of a stay, the hotel must be informed a minumum of 24 hours before the stay.

Otherwise, the cancellation gives rise to invoicing the following indemnities :

  • Over 24 hours before arrival : no indemnity
  • Less than 24 hours before arrival : 100% of the stay

For telephone cancellations, the hotel will communicate a cancellation number.

For massages and treatment not attended or cancelled less than 24 hours before will be invoiced at 100%.

NANR booking (Not cancellable, not reimbursable, not echangeable/modifiable)

  • No cancellation, no echange or modification of date or person, no reimbursement can be made for a NANR booking.
  • No reimbursement can be made in case of non presentation.
  • Whatever the reason, the total amount of the stay remains owing to the Airport Club Hotel.
  • In case of booking under NANR conditions, a total prepayment of the stay must be made on confirmation of the booking. The booking will only be considered firm after the whole stay has been cashed.

No show / cancellation without notice

In case of no show, cancellation without notice, the hotel reserves the right to invoice the client a 100% indemnity of the amount of services booked over the whole stay.

In case of a major event, the hotel reserves the possibility of lodging the client in a hotel close by in the equivalent category.

Payment conditions

  • The invoices are drawn up and payable in euros €.
  • The tourist tax is to be settled straight away on the spot at the hotel.
  • The bank card number is only communicated on booking as a guarantee.
  • With the exception of special conditions (as agreed on booking) the invoices are payable on arrival or on reception of the invoice by cash, by bank card, restaurant vouchers or holiday cheques.

The Spa area

All room bookings or all inclusive tariffs include free access to the Spa area during the entire stay.

The Spa includes: indoor swimming pool, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and fitness room.

A Beauty treatment area offers massages (relaxation but not therapeutical). Payable and on appointment.


A closed, video-surveyed outside parking is available 24 hours a day.


Dogs are admitted in the hotel. Kindly advise the reception on booking. The hotel invoices 8€ per day per dog.

Dogs should be kept on a leash and in respect of the other clients, any dog mess be picked up.

The hotel reserves the right to refuse an animal in the hotel and in the same way the restaurant.

Leisure Groups


In the present context, the terms listed below will be understood as follows :

Leisure Client : Operator tours, travel agencies, coaches, any tourist professional having made the booking, or physical or moral people making a group booking within their professional or associative activity.

Participants : physical people staying at the hotel.

Option date : fixed by the hotel when the Leisure Client must confirm the Group booking, according to the conditions stipulated in article 3 of the present sales conditions.


The present Leisure Group General Sales Conditions apply exclusively to the relationship between tourist professionals (travel agencies, operator tours, coaches…) or physical or moral people carrying out a group booking within their professional or associative activity and the company OPTIA for the Airport Club Hotel, S.A.S with a capital of 100.000€ whose headquarters are 3 rue de l’Industrie, 68130 Blotzheim, Company Registration number 794 503 771.

The Leisure Group General Sales Conditions are applicable to the Leisure Clients as from 20 simultaneous people for a stay of the same length of time, including identical services and subject to the same invoice.

In the Leisure Group, the tariff is given per double room (occupied by two people) per day and per person, including breakfasts, taxes and services (waiters and room service), excluding tourist taxes. This price will be systematically invoiced whether the breakfast is consumed or not.

Should the Leisure Client require some rooms to be occupied by only one person, or be occupied by more than two people (eventually), an extra charge will be added to this tariff.

The VAT applied is the current one required on payment of the entire invoice.


  • A group is composed of a minimum of 20 participants
  • Booking confirmation is sent by letter or mail

The booking will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit. In case of no deposit, the hotel reserves the right to put the rooms up for sale.

The booking option requested to the hotel will become a confirmed booking if the following two conditions are respected :

  • The hotel receives a confirmation of the option and an agreement on the present General Sales Conditions by courriel, or by letter at the latest at 12am on the day of the end of the option date.
  • The receipt of deposit as mentioned hereafter in article 4 (subject to correct receipt of payment) .The length of the option will be defined case by case with the hotel.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel the rooms and/or the annexed services at any moment and with no indemnity in case the deposit is not received and/or absence of booking confirmation on the day of the end of the option, and also in case the Leisure Client has not paid invoices corresponding to previous services supplied.


The deposit should be paid at the latest 8 days after written confirmation of the booking (which should intervene at the latest with the day of the end of option) in conformity with the pro-forma invoice and by a means of payment accepted by the hotel :

  • Either by giving the number of the credit card, its expiry date with a written agreement to withdraw (ask us for the authorization)
  • By cheque payable to : Aiirport Club Hotel
  • Or by transfer

This deposit represents : 30% of the services (accommodation and restauration) booked for the group

Should the deposit not be sent within the delay indicated or if the payment is incorrect, the hotel reserves the right to put the non-confirmed rooms on sale.

In case of booking for a series of Leisure groups in the same hotel, a guarantee deposit representing the price of services booked (accommodation and restauration) for the first group’s stay, should be paid on the signature of the corresponding contract, or, in the absence of a contract, when the booking is made. This amount will be deducted from the final invoice.


The balance payment of the complete invoice should be made by the Leisure Client at least 7 days before the arrival date of the group, i;e. 100% of the amount including VAT of the services bookeed. If not, an invoice or credit note will be drawn up after the group’s stay to regularize the invoicing.

Payment should be made in local currency where the hotel is situated. Bank charges are at the Leisure Client’s expense.

All extras (telephone, consumptions not included in the booked services..) must be settled at the Hotel reception before the group’s departure. The accompagniers must have the Leisure client respect this rule. The hotel declines any responsibility as for the consequence of a late departure due to this payment.

The tourist tax is to be settled on the spot by the participants or the Leisure Client beore the group’s departure.

Any payment incident suffered by the hotel could cause a rupture in the agreement with the Leisure Client and/or cancel the bookings without indemnity for the Leisure Client. Furthemore the amounts paid or due in conformity with the articles 4 and 5 of the present General Sales Conditions remain acquired by the Hotel without any prejudice of any eventual damages and interest.

In case a part of the invoice is contested, the Leisure Client is committed to immediately pay the non-contested part and indicate to the hotel the reason for this questioning. Any invoice non contested according to the above procedure, within a delay of a fortnight from the date of the invoice, is considered as accepted and due.

Modification and Cancellation

Any modification, partial or total cancellation of an option should be notified in writing by the Leisure Client to the Hotel through the initial booking channel.

Any modification, partial or total cancellation of a confirmation, should be notified in writing by the Leisure Client to the Hotel. The modification or cancellation will only have effect when the Leisure Client has received the written notification from the Hotel. In any case the hotel reserves the right to cancel the request and apply the following penalities.

For all total cancellations of a confirmed booking:
  • Cancellation before 90 days: reimbursement of the downpayment paid.
  • Cancellation from 90 to 45 days: 50% of the departure booking charges.
  • From 45 to 30 days: 70% of the departure booking charges.
  • From 30 days to no-show: 100% of the booking charges.

In the case of a booking during an Exhibition or other event period, the specific conditions will be applicable and indicated at the moment of booking.

Furthermore in the case of a Leisure group, should the group be reduced to less than 10 rooms and 15 people, the invoice will be based on the individual tariffs displayed and applicable on the planned arrival date in the hotel concerned.

If the group arrives after 10pm and the dinner has been booked, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse to serve the booked meal, bearing in mind that 100% of the total amount (including VAT) of the restaurant service will be invoiced to the Leisure Client according to the above-mentioned conditions.

Should a part or all the participants not arrive (“No Show”), the complete reduction of the length of stay (carried out on the spot) willbe invoiced on the basis of the total amount, including VAT of the booked service, deducting any downpayment and payments already made and for the length of the planned stay.


The following gratuities are applied for all the group, that is to say 1 single (guide or chauffeur) breakfast included free for 20 people paying. In the case of half board,the meal is at the Leisure Client’s expence.

Nominative list

The Leisure Client is committed to supply a situation of sales a fortnight before the arrival date of the group if the booking date enables it.

A written nominative list should be sent to the Hotel seven days at the latest before the arrival date of the group.

In the case of a booking during an Exhibition or other event period, the specific conditions will be applicable and indicated at the moment of booking.

Without receipt of the above-mentioned documents, the hotel will not be able to guarantee the distribution of rooms or menus required by the Leisure Client.

The hotel commits itself to make the rooms available as from 3pm on arrival date. The rooms must be freed at the latest at 12am on departure date.


In the case of a total or partial relodging accordingto the hotel’s wishes, the group will be welcomed in an estalishment of similar or higher class at no extra price and close to the Hotel if possible.

Charges encurred by the transfer will remain at the Hotel’s expence without the Leisure Client taking advantage of an extra indemnity.

Guarantee Deposit

The hotel reserves the possibility for all bookings to ask the Leisure Client to pay a guarantee deposit per participant of a sum of 50€, children included.

This deposit should be paid at the latest on the group’s arrival directly at the Hotel. In case of any material damage caused in the rooms, the restaurant and/or the common parts of the hotel by one of the people in the group brought by the Leisure Client, the hotel reserves the possibility to conserve the sums paid as indemnification , without prejudice to its rights and actions should the prejudice amount caused to the Hotel be over th amount of the guarantee deposit given for the group.

Furthermore the Hotel may cease supplying its services if the participants harm the good functioning of the hotel or if they put the reputation or security of the hotel or the clients in danger.

Child politics

No extra charge is required by the hotels for children under 6 years old, in the limit of a child per room and subject to there being extra beds available when they are accommodated in the room of accompanying adults.

For a stay on the spot, breakfast for children under 6 years old is free to a limit of two children per adult having breakfast on the spot.

The menus are children’s menus and invoiced as such.

For groups of children under 6 years old, the 3rd bed and/or 3rd breakfast is free as long as the adult group tariff is applied.

It is necessary when booking to indicate the number of people, and the age of the children who are staying in the hotel. if not advised, the child will automatically be considered to be over 6 years old.

Insurance – Responsibility

As the hotel can neither look after the personal effects of the participants nor the material the Leisure Clients place in the rooms, the hotel may in no way be held responsible in case of theft or disappearance of the said personal effects and/or the said material.

The material insurance of the participants’ personal effects remains in the charge of the Leisure Clients who renounce to any claims against the hotel for any damage caused to this material including the theft of the said goods.

With regards to clothes, luggage and various objects left in the rooms as well as objects left in vehicules stationed on the hotel private premises, the responsibility of the hotel cannot be any more than that stipulated by the law in the terms of articles 1952 to 1954 of the Civil Code. The Leisure Client is committed to respect and have the participants respect the policies and procedures of the hotel together with the current hotel safety instructions.

No food or drink brought in by the Leisure Client of friends is admitted without the previous authorization from the Hotel.


Any complaint should be addressed by registered mail with receipt voucher to the hotel to the attention of the Manager at the latest 10 days after the departure date from the hotel concerned.

After this period, no complaint can be taken into account.